How to succeed at becoming a medical receptionist with no experience

September 20, 2021

When you enter a doctor's office, the medical receptionist is the first person you see. They handle plenty of duties and get insight into the world of healthcare. The role of a medical receptionist is a job that you can do without having any experience.

It may seem impossible, but you can get hired with the right strategy. Continue to reading to learn how to become a medical receptionist.

What Are the Requirements for a Medical Receptionist?

The basic educational requirement for people looking to be a medical receptionist is a high school diploma. Generally, you can expect to receive on-the-job training, but existing certificate programs are optional for you to complete. An example would be a medical office technology program.

Not all medical receptionists choose to pursue a certificate or degree program, but it is essential to improve the necessary skills. You need to have strong computer and customer service skills. It can help to be efficient in communication and organization.

Whether they work at a hospital or private practice, medical receptionists manage patient records and the office schedule. They are in charge of patient appointments as well. As a medical receptionist, you will perform other clerical duties like answering phone calls.

How to Become a Medical Receptionist


As long as you meet the minimum requirements, you can get hired as a medical receptionist. Doctors mainly look for candidates with great communication and computer skills. They want to know that applicants are efficient and reliable. There are several ways you can make yourself stand out from the rest despite a lack of experience in the field. Tips include:

  • Updating the resume
  • Researching the position
  • Knowing medical terminology
  • Networking
  • Being Confident

Modify You Resume to Match the Position

The resume is one of the first things an employer looks at, so you should work on updating your document. It is important to tailor your resume to reflect that you want to be a medical receptionist. Write down the skills that are suitable for the desk job at a doctor's office.

Even if a past job or volunteer experience was in another field, you could focus on your proficiency in answering phones or talking to customers. Translate previous experiences into how it makes you qualified to interact with patients. Perhaps, you have a degree related to computers. You can highlight how those skills you developed at school will make you a potentially valuable employee.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tailor a resume to fit a medical receptionist application. Do not be afraid to alter your qualifications to match the job duties of the position.

Gain a Better Understanding of the Job

The job posting can give potential applicants a glimpse of what the position entails. A person can have a higher chance of becoming a medical receptionist by researching the job even more. If you know a friend or family member that works in a doctor's office, you can start by asking them.

Of course, you can look for more information online. It can help to learn more about the hospital or practice you are applying to as well. The person interviewing you will likely be impressed that you know more about being a medical receptionist.

Take some time during the interview to asked good questions about the job. You can ask about what the best employees in the role do that others do not. A lack of experience may not be as noticeable if you display a better understanding of a medical receptionist.

Get Familiar With Medical Terminology

Medical terminology allows staff members in the healthcare industry to communicate with each other effectively. Even if you are only billing for treatment, you can fulfill your duties better if you understand the condition, medicine, or procedure. A person can get a job as a medical receptionist by learning various medical terms.

The ability to speak the language of other medical professionals can take you far even if you have no work experience in the field. There are plenty of resources available to get you familiar with the related jargon. Some private practices specialize in specific areas of medicine. It can be beneficial to learn the terms appropriate for that specialized practice.

Build a Network

Not all offices will fill positions by posting a listing online. The people you know can be as important as a resume. Building a network can increase the chances of becoming a medical receptionist. You can start by speaking to friends and family members. They may know someone in a medical office that is interested in a new receptionist and will put in a good word for you.

You can even join social networks that center around healthcare. From there, you could search for doctor's offices that might be hiring. You can also work at a private practice as a volunteer and perform simple tasks.

After proving you are proficient at your duties, you might get hired on as a medical receptionist. The doctor might refer you to another office as well.


Show Confidence in Your Skills

Another tip to getting a job as a medical receptionist with no experience is to be confident. The doctor will want to see that a candidate is capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the position. They will ask questions about the skills and abilities you highlighted on your resume.

The verbal skills of candidates should display confidence when they answer. A person needs to keep their nonverbal communication in mind, such as body posture. Even if it is only an entry-level position, you should display a firm belief that you can be efficient at being a medical receptionist. Of course, you will want to be humble to avoid coming across too confident.

Become a Medical Receptionist Today

Medical receptionists play a vital role in a doctor's office. It is a great way to enter the healthcare industry without needing to be a registered nurse or the like. You can be successful in your career even without prior experience.

If you are wanting to take the next step in becoming a medical receptionist, contact our team at Quadrant. We help job seekers get real-time access to plenty of job openings