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Quadrant offers you a wide range of staffing solutions to fit your needs.

Finding and securing the right resources for your company can be a challenge. Let the dedicated team at Quadrant help you build the right team. Let us know what you need. Then we'll get to work.

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Understanding what you are paying for:

Whether you are hiring a temporary contractor or a long-term “contract to hire candidate”, there is cost associated when using a staffing firm for their services.  These costs are based on three elements, labor rate, bill rate and markup.

The labor rate is what the agency is going to pay the contractor.  The bill rate is what the agency is going to charge the customer. The markup is the percentage applied on top of the labor rate which covers the staffing firm’s services.  The markups typically vary depending on the complexity of the assignment, market demands, duration of the position, skill sets and volume.

Understanding the bill rate:

The bill rate is simply what you are paying for on an hourly basis, which include agency service cost, contractor labor rate, and profit. To determine total costs, simply multiply the bill rate by the total hours estimated the contractor will work.  It is important to understand that this final number includes total service charges on the part of the contractor and staffing firm.

Understanding the labor rate:

The labor rate is simply what the staffing firm is paying the contractor.  The labor rate will vary based on market demand, complexity, and skill set.  It is important to understand that that the labor rate will determine the quality of the contractor.

Understanding the markup:

The mark up is a percentage that is applied on top of the labor rate to cover the staffing firm’s services.  The percentage of markup typically varies from one staffing firm to the other.  However, the standard national markup is typically fifty five percent (55%) or higher.


What our clients are saying

Quadrant is very helpful supporting our staffing needs especially during the COVID crisis. Stephanie Paul – Account Representative is very responsive to our calls and emails. Provides quick turn around and always willing to accommodate.” - J.A.

“Veronica on short notice, your team-initiated search and created a pipeline of talent resources. I am appreciative on your style – understanding, calm, encouraging, collaborative, and flexible. Quadrant is one of my top go-to partners for talent solutions.” - Tracey

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