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Quick Candidate FAQs

How does contract to hire work?

For the first 720-1040 hours you are working as a W2 contractor.  Once you have completed the agreed hours set by the customer, you will seamlessly transition as a full-time employee.

How do I get paid?

All contract employees are paid every 2 weeks. The first check is a “live” paycheck, every check thereafter is a direct deposit.

How do I do my timesheets?

All timesheets are filled out and approved electronically (Deltek) either through a mobile app or your computer.

Where are the positions you staff for?

A large percentage of our customers are located in the Baltimore, Washington, DC metro.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to the candidate, the customer is responsible for all service-related fees.

How do I apply?

Simply go to our website, navigate to “job seekers”, depending on your industry (healthcare or technical) follow the steps on how to apply.

What are the benefits of working with Quadrant, Inc.?

There are several key advantages of working with Quadrant, one being you as the candidate will have access to the hiring manager. All our positions posted in real-time, they are live positions that are taken off our website once they are filled.  Last, you will have access to a live professional recruiter who will help you manage the process from start to offer. 

What type of positions do you staff for?

Healthcare (clinical and non-clinical), technology and corporate level positions (accounting, HR, finance, administrative office support, recruiters, etc.)

Do you provide healthcare benefits?

All Quadrant full-time, W2 Employees are eligible for healthcare benefits after 90 days of employment.


What our clients are saying

“Quadrant has been a great experience for me! I am So grateful, I found Quadrant on Indeed, and I
was contacted by my recruiter in 3 days. I am thankful for my recruiter MAHAM AHMED, finding my position through Quadrant has been the best experience.” - Roland

“Stephanie has been a big help in making the right connections for our job searches. She has worked
with us to ensure that we get experienced staff who have the right credentials. She listens to our needs
and is always timely in her responses. She has been a reliable partner for hiring at all levels within our
company.” - JB